Stiga Kontra


Stiga KontraThe Stiga Kontra Table Tennis Bat is a quality recreational bat with excellent..

Stiga Carbon CR *


Stiga Carbon CR *This table tennis batalso features a reversed pimple rubber that allow the pla..

Stiga Elite *


Stiga Elite *The ELITE combines spin and speed characteristics for the serious player. WRB technolog..

Stiga Fight


Stiga FightIts Quality Recreational Bat with Excellent Ball Control Characteristics. It comes with a..

Stiga Masters **


Stiga Masters **The stiga masters table tennis racquet has been designed with the patented wrb techn..

Stiga Orion *


Stiga Orion *Orion Racquet that gives you an amazing performance. Best for recreational purpose..

Stiga Peak*


Stiga Peak*The Peak is the optimum choice for control players who want to develop their own style.Pr..

Stiga Revtech **


Stiga Revtech **The Revtech TUBE is the ultimate combination of two revolutionary technologies, ACS ..

Stiga Sedro *


Stiga Sedro *The Sedro Crystal four-star racket is the ultimate combination of two revolutionary tec..

Stiga Tactic ***


Stiga Tactic ***3 star Tactic is for the offensive player who allows high speed with top springiness..

Stiga Technic **


Stiga Technic **2-star Technic is for players who want absolute control in the attacking game with s..

Stiga Titanium **


Stiga Titanium **The Titanium is the ultimate selection for the direct power-hitting player who conc..

Stiga Toledo


Stiga ToledoToledo is developed for the player who requires a high-quality recreational bat with exc..

Stiga Tornado


Stiga TornadoTornado is designed for the beginner player requiring extra control. Product Speci..

Stiga Tronic *


Stiga Tronic *Stiga Tronic Table Tennis Bat The Tronic is the optimum choice for the control player...

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